Why has my dog become afraid of the dark?

Why has my dog become afraid of the dark?

Although dogs dont experience darkness the same way we do, certain factors could still cause a dog to feel afraid in the dark. For instance, a dog with failing eyesight might find herself bumping into furniture or bushes at night, which could make her feel confused and anxious when it gets dark outside

How do I stop my dog being scared of the dark?

Give them treats if they react well to the darkits amazing how powerful positive reinforcement can be. Let there be light! Whether that means a night light in the evening, or illuminating lamps when youre leaving them alone, try to make your dog as comfortable as possible. Take them to the vet.

Does the dark bother dogs?

Commons reasons to use a pet light include keeping the animal calm, giving them a sense of company, or helping them to see. Some dog owners say that their pets are afraid of the dark. This will only apply to a small number of dogs, but there is an easy way to tell if your dog is afraid of the dark.

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