Who started saying dog water?

Who started saying dog water?

Fortnite kid, aka Peace Control Kyle, aka Kyle on 60hrz Not long after that, the third video, with Peace Control Kyle introducing himself to his new classmates at school, was released. This video would serve as the cornerstone to the Dog Water meme.

What is hot dog water mean?

It is short for hot dog water meaning a very bad like a bad tasting soup (tastes bad like hot dog water) or an odd smell (you smell like hotdog water)

What does you’re so free mean?

Free: really easy and simple; light work Free comes from gamers playing matches so easy that they are free to do whatever they want because victory is guaranteed no matter what they do. In real life, essentially swap any synonym of easy with free. Dude, my Math 1B midterm was so free. You’re not funny.

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