What does it mean when a dog keeps licking your ears?

What does it mean when a dog keeps licking your ears?

If your dog licks your ears, they may be signalling a high level of comfort. Mutual grooming is common among pack members, and you may be perceived as just one of the pack. Licking your ears may also be a sign of love, care and respect. In other words, when your dog licks your ears, theyre complimenting you!

Is it bad for dogs to lick their ears?

Licking ears is a natural and common behavior in dogs. As long as you do not mind it, your dog does not become an obsessive licker and he does not lick babies and toddlers ears, there is nothing wrong with occasional ear licking. If your dog does lick anything obsessively, consult a trainer to address this issue.

What does ear licking mean?

Ear licking is another method for communication, and while it seems a little gross, it is a typical form of expressing affection. Certainly, this dog behavior is saying I love you and we belong to the same pack, regardless of species.

How can I get my dog to stop licking his ears?

If ear licking becomes a problem, try to distract your pet with interactive toys and other types of affection. Once in a while a pet will develop an almost compulsive type behavior that requires medical intervention. If your dog is licking another pets ears excessively, please let us know.

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