Can rabbits eat Timothy?

Can rabbits eat Timothy?

Timothy Hay is high in fibre and low in protein which is a combination critical to the health of rabbits and other small animals. The protein and fibre levels help to keep the gastrointestinal tract functioning properly. Timothy Hay should be fed as ‘free-choice’ food daily, meaning it should be available at ALL TIMES.

When should rabbits start eating timothy hay?

seven months

Are Timothy pellets good for rabbits?

Luckily, knowing the right food for your bunny can help. Ohio House Rabbit Rescue recommends that your bunny’s main diet include three things; limited timothy pellets, unlimited timothy hay and a daily fresh green salad. Pellets are high in calories and therefore are used as a supplement.

What is the healthiest food for rabbits?


Is Timothy hay the same as regular hay?

Alfalfa hay is higher in protein and calories, but timothy hay has more fiber and better calcium to phosphorus ratio. If you feed your horse a mixture of these two types of hay, it will get the best combinations possible for optimum nutrition.

What kind of hay should rabbits eat?

Hay is the most important part of a rabbit’s daily intake. Unlimited, high-quality grass hay, such as Timothy, orchard or brome, should make up the bulk of a rabbit’s diet. Grass hay is high in fiber, which is critical to maintaining a rabbit’s healthy digestive tract.

At what age can rabbits eat timothy hay?

Rabbits between the ages of seven months and a year should be transitioned to timothy hay. Rabbits will prefer alfalfa hay, so during the transition you may need to mix the two types of hay. In some cases, a rabbit may rebel and not eat the timothy hay.

Can I feed my baby bunny timothy hay?

Like adults, hay should play an important role in young rabbit’s diet. Grass hay (e.g. meadow or timothy) is the one food you should introduce from the start, even if your rabbit isn’t already eating it. This is the gentlest food on the gut and will provide the fibre needed for the digestive process to function.

When should a rabbit switch to timothy hay?

7 months to 1 year old

Can a 2 month old rabbit eat timothy hay?

Timothy hay is best for rabbits, but there are other kinds that are also good for a rabbit’s digestion. Add in handfuls of other grass-based hays, such as orchard hay, oat hay, or meadow hay to make the transition more appetizing to your young rabbit.

Which pellets are best for rabbits?

Alfalfa pellets are fine for younger rabbits but timothy pellets are preferred for older rabbits.

Can rabbits eat timothy pellets instead of hay?

Caring for Your Rabbit – Food Your bunny has simple dietary requirements: unlimited timothy hay, a small portion of timothy pellets each day, and some green vegetables each day.

What pellets should rabbits avoid?

Pellets should NOT contain dried fruit, seeds, nuts, colored crunchy things, or other things that are attractive to the human eyes.

What is better for rabbits timothy or alfalfa?

When looking at which type of hay to feed a rabbit or guinea pig, Timothy hay and Meadow hay are often considered the better and healthier options. Alfalfa is known as a great hay for baby rabbits, as it contains higher calcium and protein levels to help support healthy growth and development.

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